Privacy Policy in Accordance with Sections 4e and 4g of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, abbreviated BDSG)
1. Name of the body responsible:
tesa SE

2. Board members:
Dr. Robert Gereke (CEO)
Jan Christoph Teetz(CFO)
Oliver Höfs (Trade)

Manager in charge of data processing:

3. Address of the body responsible:
tesa SE
Hugo-Kirchberg-Strasse 1
22848 Norderstedt, Germany

4. Purpose of data collection, processing, or use:
The object of the company is the development, production, and sale of chemical and technical products, particularly adhesives and self-adhesive products. Data are collected, processed, and used only for the fulfillment of the abovementioned purposes.

5. Description of the groups of persons concerned and the data or categories relating to such persons:
Customer data, employee data, and data of suppliers insofar as such are necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes mentioned under Item 4 above.

6. Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be disclosed:
Public agencies, in the event that there are provisions of law that take precedence; external contractors, in accordance with Sec. 11 of the BDSG; and external bodies and internal departments, for fulfillment of the purposes mentioned under Item 4 above.

7. Time limits for the deletion of data:
The legislature has enacted a number of obligations as to storage of data and time limits for such storage. After these time limits expire, the corresponding data are deleted on a routine basis. If data are not affected by these provisions, they will be deleted if the purposes mentioned under Item 4 above cease to apply.

8. Data transmission to nations outside of the European Union (“third-party countries”):
No transmission of personal data of German citizens or citizens of other EU countries to third-party countries is planned. When inquiries are directed to us from abroad, we plan to refer them to our foreign representatives for processing/responses on our behalf.

Please do not hesitate to contact our data protection representative directly () with any questions you may have regarding the processing of your personal data.